Proper running shoes

Proper running shoes
Proper running shoes

Running is a high impact sport that gives high impact to the body. The impact is great on the feet and knees. “Improper running shoes can cause injury. Like a car, outsole shoes like a tire. The middle of the shoe is the absorbent of the impact and the top is the stability control, “said expert from

“Proper running shoes should be tailored to the type of foot and the way we run. Note also where we run, whether on a treadmill, on a mountain, or on a highway, “an expert added.

Actually there are approximately 15 types of running, but the most commonly known and most often done are the three main types of running, which are road-running, trail-running, and cross-training.

Quoted from, if you want to do three types of running before, you must use the appropriate running shoes for each. Here are some of the differences you need to know:

Road-running Shoes

This is the type of shoe that is used for the type of run on the street or asphalt. These shoes are designed to run on asphalt or sidewalk and occasionally slightly deviate to other surfaces. These shoes are lightweight and flexible, made with pads or foot balancers when repeated heavy stepping, even on rough surfaces.

Trail-running Shoes

These shoes are designed for off-road routes that are rocky, muddy, rooted, or other obstacles. These shoes are coupled with aggressive footprints for solid and coated appeal to produce stability, relief and footprint protection.

Cross-training Shoes

For shoes this one is designed to be used for running and also other sports, such as going gym or other cross exercises, or balance activities that require more ground contact, requiring a tougher shoe soles.

When you have chosen the right type of shoe based on the type of run you are going to do, this will not only benefit your feet or your run, but also the contents of your wallet and savings. Choosing the right shoes will make your shoes last longer, because their use is appropriate.

So if you still like to run but do not know what kind of run and you are wrong to use running shoes, you can be wasteful because the wrong shoes that can be quickly damaged and you have to replace it continuously. Of course, in addition to staying healthy, you don’t want your precious wallet got empty.