How to Avoid Paying Minimum Bill Citicards Login

Credit cards do have a million benefits. However, there are risks that you must face in the future if not wise to use them. You will eventually get into debt. Your financial condition becomes unhealthy if entangled debt.

The cash withdrawal facility on a credit card may already be known to credit card users early on. However, this cash attraction idea is also not recommended for you.

Avoiding Cash Withdrawal Excessive Usage

Why? Each cash withdrawal transaction will be charged . The amount can be diverse according to the policy of respective credit card issuing bank.

It’s okay to withdraw cash, but still within reasonable limits. Do not because credit card interest down, you so far excessive cash draw here and there. Do not forget the consequences of paying the bills at the end of the month. With this in mind, you are discouraged when you want to transact excessively.

The last thing to avoid is to pay the minimum bill. Credit card interest is down do not you make as a tool to not obey the payment. Paying the minimum bill is indeed allowed by the bank. But is this the right decision?

Pay the minimum bill, yet the interest is small. What’s the meaning of that little flower? .Perhaps this thought has crossed your mind. Yeah right, but the rest of the bill will still be paid you in the next month. The amount will be accumulated from the previous month by this month. Not to mention the added interest.

The more outstanding the bill, the greater the amount to be paid each month. If you pay too many bills too much, the debt will accumulate rather than decrease. Want to live in debt? Certainly not

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