Home Design with White Color

Home Design with white color today is dominating a wide range of household furniture and even offices. So do not be surprised if you often find white furniture on the catalog in magazines, TV and mall. White color is considered neutral, cool, soothing and modern. But unfortunately, many of you still feel worried when choosing furniture at home with this color on the grounds very difficult to clean when they are stained.

To keep the furniture lined with white cloth, the best way to do is to guard it from spillage stains. If you cannot avoid it, you can contact the janitor because they usually offer a protective stain service. Meanwhile, if you have a bed with white sheets, you can clean the face of the makeup that sticks before falling asleep above it. Also, do not forget to wash it every week separately with other clothes so as not to damage the fibers and the color of the sheets. Try to avoid using bleach because it can cause the white color to turn yellow from time to time. Instead, you can wash it off by using baking soda and cold water.

Did you know that direct sunlight can cause white furniture made of wood will turn yellow and dull. Therefore, make sure you place it in a safe and covered area. You should also regularly clean up by using a special liquid made from a mixture of white wine vinegar and warm water. Clean periodically with the help of a soft towel to keep it looking new and well groomed. Not only that, you can also clean the fingerprint stains that stick with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original scrubber sponge cleaner.

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