Guidance How to Simply Braid Your Hair Quickly

Start braiding. Drag the small part of the hair, about 1.2 cm thick from outside each part of the hair to this braid style

– Pull a small amount of hair from the front, outside the right part of your hair.

-Use your middle finger to separate the smaller part of the hair from the larger part on the right.

-Let the smaller part of this hair jump over the right part of your hair and put it behind the left part of your hair.

Do the same for the left side. You will need to hold both sides with your left hand and the right two with your right hand.

-After you unite each small outer part, you need to go back down to the two braids.

-This is much more complicated than the other braid. Work slowly and carefully, not to drop the small part of the hair you braid.

-This is different from other braids because you work with two fixed parts while making the third part instead of starting with having three sections that keep following the steps.

-To make more complex or detailed braids, use the hair part with less amount.

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