Delicious Culinary Food Tips at Lombok Bali

Selong Belanak Beach has a quieter wave, rather than other beaches in Lombok, such as Desert Point or Bangko-Bangko Beach which is famous for its ferocious waves. This is what makes the beach popular among novice surfers. Not interested in surfing? Do not worry, because this beautiful coastal landscape. The coastline is one kilometer long, the texture of the sand is smooth, and it becomes whiter and hardened when exposed to clear sea water. You can also do various interesting activities, such as cycling on the beach or relaxing there while enjoying the panoramic view of the beach surrounded by green hills.

The Rich Culinary Food Choices

Selong Belanak Beach is located in South Lombok, or about 60 kilometers from the city of Mataram. You can use public transport and take about two hours. To learn surfing, you can use Kimens Surf services that provide short surfing services on this beach.

Indonesia has a culinary rich in taste. If you are a typical Indonesian culinary lover, then you must taste Lombok’s special food. One of them is taliwang chicken. Its taste is spicy, unique, and rich seasoning, a tourist attraction that set foot in Lombok.

Spicy seasoning is ready to shake the tongue and make you sweat bath. Add plecing kangkung as a companion dish when tasting this typical young Kampung Lombok chicken. One serving of plucking kale consisted of boiled kangkung plus tomato sauce made from chili pepper, salt, terasi and tomato. Anyone will be addicted to this mix.

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