Combination of Indoor or Outdoor Cage Arrangements Bird House Tips

In some cases, a combination of indoor or outdoor cage arrangements can provide optimal settings for birds. This arrangement can adjust to the season or weather pattern, or it can be arranged based on day and night.

Birds in hanging cages are often moved outside to hang on a terrace or similar place to be exposed to the fresh air during the day. Always remember to take the bird home before the afternoon breeze blows and night arrives.

Look for signs of birds overheating or cold in the “bird cleanliness and health” section below.

The location of the birdhouse is also influenced by the personality of the bird. There are some birds who like to be the center of attention and see the passage of people constantly. There are also cowardly birds who prefer to be kept in a quiet place and away from the noise (but still can interact with your family).

Do not put the cage in front of the glass constantly. Birds will always pay attention to the distress, so the bird will feel afraid. Put cage near the wall can make birds are not too thinking about predators.

How to make a birdhouse with some simple tools?

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