Air knife is filled with compressed air

The air knife is a chamber filled with compressed air and has a path that converges to the control output slot. This provides a uniform velocity profile over the length of the knife. For simultaneous effect, ambient air flows into main air flow. This provides a more powerful secondary air flow.

Water, a powerful laminar air knife, is dispersed in the viscous layer to remove dust and dirt. Two spatial /process conditions are separated.

In the same way as the airbag, the air cannon has a strong conical shape and operates with a difference in airflow.

Air Knife and Air Gun Features and Benefits

The HP (high pressure) air knife uses compressed air and the LP (low pressure) air knife operates as a side channel blower. Comprised of HP Air Knives, but compact compared to the LP version, compressed air consumption has increased rapidly over the long term. In this case, it is recommended to select LP air knife or air gun. This is positive and beneficial by creating a fairly high flight speed.

  • Dry and effective cooling methods for drying wet particles
  • Easy to find and easy to adjust.
  • Evenly distributed air flow, high speed blowing power
  • Standard length and available specials
  • Installation is very simple, there is no moving parts and the wear is the most

Air knives Applications:

  • Blow away any liquid from other objects.
  • Push-pull system Smoke vapor is removed by dust.
  • Separation of multiple process conditions / environment
  • Cooling and / or drying components of different sizes
  • Open back, such as an automatic charging system

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