7 Ways to Create Android Game

by: cheatswiki.com

Create an android game is easy if you already know how to do it. If you still learn about android game, we got 7 way for you to build your very first game.

7 Ways to Create Android Game

1. Create a scene for game. The scene is what players see when playing a game. This is the background, and also any visible objects and actors. To create a new scene, click the Scenes option in the Resources tree, then click the rectangle box. Give your scene a new name to forward.

2. Background : Your scene will be automatically sized, so you do not have to worry about that for now. You can choose to use the color as the background, which will be tiled on it. You can also choose from solid color or gradient. Click “Create” when you are finished. This will open the Scene Designer.

3. Place the tile (tile) : The tileset included in your kit will be loaded on the right of the window. Click the Pencil tool on the left menu, then click the tile you want to use. You can then put a tile on your scene. Click and drag with the mouse to double tile.

4. Put the actor. Click the Actors tab above your tileset to switch to your available actor. You need to create one before it can appear in this list. Click on the actor you want to place, and click on the scene where you want it to appear. If you press ⇧ Shift, the actor will move there.

5. Adds gravity. Click the “Physics” tab at the top of the window, then enter the value into the “Gravity (Vertical)” box. Inserting 85 will simulate real earth gravity.

6. Test the game. Once you’ve created a scene and put some actors, you can test the game. Click on the “Test Game” button on the top of the screen to play what you have now created. You can use the key you set to control your player’s character.

7. Find any aspect that does not work, and try to fix it. For example, does the enemy behave correctly? Can you defeat the enemy? Is there a platform that cannot be reached or a gap that cannot be crossed? Return to the relevant area of your game editor to fix any issues you find. This may take a little time, but the end result will be more fun and easier to play.

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